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Make time for stretching in your exercise routine. Dynamic stretches before (trunk twists or bouncing on your toes)and static stretches after (stretch and hold for 20 seconds) can help prepare muscles for activity and help you maintain flexibility.

I had a significant back injury and Mr. Giordano took me and treated me without an appointment and without a delay, even though his office was already filled with patients.  I attribute my extremely fast recovery not only to his expert skills but because he treated me without delay.  This was a truly remarkable experience for me!  You have my deepest appreciation.
- William D. Santarsielo


I am very satisfied with the progress of my therapy.  Thanks to the encouragement of my therapist.
- Estela Rochefort


 never had the feeling that it was routine on the part of any of the therapists who serviced me.  Their service was sincere, excellent.  Thank you!
- Peter Mathews


Very satisfied with the whole experience!
- Joan McKenzie


- Janine Banette


Thanks for giving me back my mobility!
- Michael Forbes

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