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Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Respect what your body is telling you and modify or stop your activity if you are hurting.

Recovering from surgery can be a slow process.  Although you may be eager to return to your regular activities as soon as possible, you must approach your recovery with care so as not to damage healing areas or overuse muscles that have either been weakened or are newly active post surgery.  A proper physical therapy regimen will aid in a quicker, healthier recovery after surgery.


Our team of experts will evaluate your recovery plan based on input from your surgeon and design a customized program to assist in returning you to full function.  Treatment includes exercises to strengthen affected areas, the assessment of muscle imbalances, and oversight of exercise performance to ensure exercises are done correctly.  The proper execution of exercises is critical in the prevention of re-injury or potential harm to other compensating muscle groups. We provide both physical and emotional support during your journey to recovery, with an eye toward helping you manage pain, restore motion, and achieve your post surgical goals.

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