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Ridgefield Physical Therapy is currently open for in-person treatment and telehealth visits.  To schedule an appointment, please contact us via our email, or call (203) 438-1898. Most insurance companies are now reimbursing for telehealth visits. Instructions for virtual visits/telehealth are posted on our website.

To ensure your safety and comply with CDC guidelines, the following protocol for scheduling in-person visits will be followed:

  • Visits may be scheduled for asymptomatic patients, without underlying health problems (cardiac history, diabetes, high blood pressure, immune-compromised, currently receiving chemotherapy).

  • Existing patients and new patients will be called and asked a series of pre-screening questions. Questions will include:

    • Have you tested positive for Covid-19?

    • Have you knowingly been exposed to anyone with Covid-19?

    • Are you feeling ill?

    • Are you exhibiting any of the following: fever, cough, shortness of breath, unusual fatigue, muscle pain, loss of smell or taste?

    • Have you traveled anywhere over the past two weeks?.

  • Patients are required to wear a face mask or covering during treatment, to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Please make sure you can breathe well through your mask.

  • We ask that patients respect social distancing and all CDC guidelines for Covid-19, including using hand sanitizer before and after their session.

  • Ample time will be left between patient appointments to allow for cleaning and social distancing.

  • The number of therapists treating in the clinic will be limited, to facilitate social distancing.

  • Only patients will be permitted in the clinic.

  • We will conduct temperature screenings on all patients prior to treatment.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this unusual time. We are taking a careful approach to our treatments, for the benefit of all. Stay safe and well.

We have implemented virtual consultations for patients who are interested, please see the VIRTUAL VISITS SECTION of our website for instructions. Please email your therapist if you have specific questions regarding your treatment.


Chuck Giordano PT, DPT, OCS

Ann Nolan PT, CHT, CLT

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick PT, DPT, OCS


At Ridgefield Physical Therapy, your individualized therapy program is specifically designed to help you regain strength and maximize your body’s physical potential after surgery or an injury. Our highly skilled team of therapists works closely with you and your physician to guide you through a safe and successful return to activity. With our full spectrum of services at hand, you have the key to reaching your goals of renewed energy, mobility and independence.

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Ridgefield Physical Therapy is offering VIRTUAL VISITS through


Ridgefield Physical Therapy offers virtual visits through the secure telehealth platform


Experience convenient treatment sessions with your therapist, from the comfort of your home, using your smartphone or computer.  

To initiate your telehealth visit, perform the following steps:

  1. Email us at to request a virtual visit.  Please provide two (2) preferred dates and times.

  2. We will email you an invitation for your consult.

  3. Click the link in your email at the time of your appointment and follow the instructions.


Your virtual visit will be much the same as an in-person session. You will be able to interact with your PT, receive instruction, and obtain online access to a home program with video instructions.

Most insurance companies now provide coverage for Telehealth physical therapy visits. A self- pay option is also available.