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Effective immediately Ridgefield Physical Therapy will be closed for in-person patient treatments through April 19th. This is in response to the recent spread of Coronavirus in our area and we feel it is a necessary step to help prevent the spread of the virus in our community. We have implemented virtual consultations for patients who are interested, please see the Virtual Visits section of our website for instructions. Please email your therapist if you have specific questions regarding your treatment.


Chuck Giordano PT, DPT, OCS

Ann Nolan PT, CHT, CLT

Christina Miller PT, IMT

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick PT, DPT, OCS


Please check our website for updates in our policy and schedule. Thank you and be well.

At Ridgefield Physical Therapy, your individualized therapy program is specifically designed to help you regain strength and maximize your body’s physical potential after surgery or an injury. Our highly skilled team of therapists works closely with you and your physician to guide you through a safe and successful return to activity. With our full spectrum of services at hand, you have the key to reaching your goals of renewed energy, mobility and independence.

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Ridgefield Physical Therapy is offering VIRTUAL VISITS through

You can now receive convenient consultations with your therapist from the comfort of your home through your smartphone or computer.  

Simply follow the following steps:

  1. Email us at to request a virtual visit.  Please provide 2 preferred dates and times.

  2. We will email you an invitation for your consultation.

  3. Click the link in your email at the time of your appointment and follow the instructions. 


Your virtual visit will be much the same as an in-person consultation. You will be able to interact with your PT, receive instructions and obtain online access to a home program with video instructions.

Please note we will accept credit card payment at the time of service.  This service is NOT billable through your insurance.



0-30 min. -$40.00

45 min.    -$60.00 (all initial consults will be 45 min.)

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