Non-Prescription Services
Change your running shoes every 300 miles.

Don't jump into a new exercise program too quickly; always progress slowly and let your muscles, joints and bones adapt to the new stresses.

If you experience numbness and tingling into the pinky and ring fingers, avoid a lot of elbow bending and leaning on the elbow to protect your ulnar nerve.



Non-Prescription Services

STRETCHING : Preparing for the golf (or other sports) season is crucial to getting through the season injury free.  Our Stretching packages help to increase your range of motion using game-specific stretches, which improve your game and reduce your risk of injury.  You can also opt for a stretching treatment for general muscle tightness and musculoskeletal health.

MASSAGE : While some patients do require massage as part of their rehabilitation, we offer a range of massages for patients who enjoy the relaxation benefits of massage.  You can opt to target a particular area of tension, or enjoy an overall body treatment.  Massage is proven to reduce stress, increase blood flow, flush out toxins, and promote a better night's sleep and a sense of well-being.  We offer the following non-prescription massages:

  • Sports
  • Hot Stone
  • Classic Western
  • Deep Tissue
  • Basic Shiatsu

NON-PRESCRIPTION PHYSICAL THERAPY : For patients who do not have a doctor’s referral for physical therapy, or who do not or no longer have insurance coverage for therapy, our team of experts can still work with you to recover from a long-term injury, improve range of motion, pain-management or any other type treatment.

AFTER CARE : When Your Insurance Company Says No, We Can Sill Say Yes In A Reasonable Cost Effective Way Once your prescribed course of treatment is completed, your relationship with Ridgefield Physical Therapy does not have to come to an end.  We offer a modified, fee-based, follow-up program to enable you to continue your therapy once your insurance coverage is terminated.  Your Aftercare program allows you to continue using our state of the art facility with oversight by our professional team – which can cost the same (or even up to 20% less) than a gym membership with a personal trainer.  Since visits are by appointment only, the gym is never crowded, and you work with the same therapist and aids that helped you during your previous course of treatment.

WELLNESS COUNSELING : Offered in conjunction with our aftercare services, Wellness Counseling allows patients an opportunity to meet with our therapists for a half-hour session one-on-one to evaluate the aftercare program, answer questions and set new goals.  It enables clients who no longer have insurance to have access to the same professional expertise advice and evaluation services they had when covered by insurance, with someone familiar with their entire course of treatment.

RUNNING EVALUATION : The Running Evaluation provides an in-depth examination to identify biomechanical faults, training errors, running gait abnormalities, weaknesses and flexibilty imbalances in the novice to elite runner.  The one hour evaluation is customized to your goals and issues.  It may include:

  • Review of Training Goals and Plan
  • Flexibility Screen
  • Function Strength Measurements
  • Biomechanical Foot Examination
  • Digital Video Analysis with CD copy
  • Customized Strength and Flexibility Program

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