After Care
Knees can see forces from 2 up to 5 times your body weight with physical activity. By losing 10 pounds you can take 30 pounds of force off your knees.

When bending down, keep your feet shoulders width apart, bend from your hips and do not round your spine. This avoids back strain.

If you experience numbness and tingling into the pinky and ring fingers, avoid a lot of elbow bending and leaning on the elbow to protect your ulnar nerve.



After Care

Once your prescribed course of treatment is completed, your relationship with Ridgefield Physical Therapy does not come to an end.  We encourage you to continue your personalized regimen of targeted exercises at home to enhance your recovery, increase strength and mobility, as well as to prevent future injury or agitation to the affected area.

We offer a modified, fee-based, follow-up program to enable you to continue your therapy once your insurance coverage is terminated.  Your Aftercare program allows you to continue using our state of the art facility with oversight by our professional team. These visits will allow the therapists to check the injury site and modify your home-based exercise regimen to reflect changes and/or improvements to your range of motion or degree of pain.  You may also opt for massage therapy to assist in your on-going recovery (see "Massage Therapy" to read how this complements a physical therapy treatment plan).

We can also assist in helping you return to sports or other physical activities in a safe manner that will not compromise your recovery.  We teach special techniques for modified approaches to activities that will not cause future injury or relapse.  Returning to work, sports and other activities is a significant step in recovering from injury, surgery or illness, and optimally should be done under the professional guidance of our therapist to make this transition safely.  In today's environment of limited insurance coverage, Ridgefield Physical Therapy supports your care even when insurance companies terminate assistance.

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